From: Ed Apple 
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 13:53:50 EDT
Subject: Re:  Latest encycl draft, Reading 9 added


I am waiting for the car to take me to the airport.   Off to Venice and 
North Italian Lake Country with friends and in-laws.  Back 26 May.

So I can give you only a cursory appreciation of your draft on RBF's  
philosophy.  Conceptually and strategically the draft has assurance and 
integrity.  But many nuances are questionable (For instance, I left CIA 
when Lyndon Johnson was president: long before Nixon's purges of ivy 
leaguers.)   You have a sure grasp of what Fuller was trying to do, and 
you have sense of the problems of present day philosophy in America.  So 
the piece is useful, and potentially a good statement to have on the 
record.  I have saved it.  And would appreciate further opportunity to 
gloss it in detail on my return.

Thanks for infoing me on so many of your posts.  I appreciate that.

(You can continue to send e-mail to my AOL address, although I read 
Synergetics-l through crosslink.)


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