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From: Kirby Urner <pdx4d@TELEPORT.COM>

Subject:      [Q-P] More pro-USA historical narrative


Notice how senators are now having their arms twisted by arms

merchants to double if not triple the defense budget, now that

we've all been dumbed into submission by NATO's show of force


Certainly our friend in China (earlier posts) is on target re

military Keynesianism hard at work -- the only way this regime

knows to keep the big wheels turning is through lavish spending

on killingry, which can only be sustained over the long haul if

the inventory gets depleted now and then.

Hence my suggestion to our friend that we change the name to

"military Orwellianism" as this is precisely the model George

Orwell predicted for our world in his famous novel '1984'.  As

I posted previously, in my essay on that topic (military


    The new orders for military equipment and the

    non-appearance of any peace dividend post the

    Cold War proves that the prime contractor

    irrigation system (military Keynesianism) is

    still lawyer-capitalism's best answer as to

    how to pump the economy using government


    Even though the USA is $5 trillion in debt

    (the annual surplus a mere drop in the bucket),

    it continues its profligate spending on killingry,

    and pushes very hard to get governments and

    military gangs (those legitimized by DC) to

    purchase large orders of same.

    In order to justify such a course, the USA needs

    to prove that its arsenal is an instrument of

    foreign policy and a vital asset on the world

    stage.  This means bringing situations to a

    boiling point in critical areas where these

    weapons can be used.

    The idea is to keep the Russians compliant using

    loans as leverage, and to keep hatred and suspicion

    of the Chinese at a low boil, while meanwhile using

    lots of cruise missiles and bombers on TV, making

    the case to USA viewers that big military budgets

    are the way to go for the foreseeable future.

Because I'm a serious student of USA history, I'm not stupid

about the critical path writings of our Medal of Freedom winner

R. Buckminster Fuller.  Fuller provides the kind of analytical

tools our global university students need in order to

understand how the fight against fascism in WWII brought us to

this rerun in the form of NATO versus Yugoslavia.  Russia and

Serbia were allied with the USA against fascism in that

chapter. What happened to put the USA and Russia on opposite

sides this time?

In the Fuller Syllabus, post-FDR lawyer-capitalism takes over

the management of USA affairs and initiates the Cold War (aka

WWIII) against the Soviets.  LAWCAP is that "military

industrial complex" which Eisenhower warned us about, and which

Secretary McNamara and his cronies during the Vietnam Era

typified to the hilt.  LAWCAP's dirty war in Indochina is well

documented in Col. Fletcher Prouty's book 'JFK', which mentions

Fuller several times as an important source of analysis (partly

for this reason, Prouty's website also links to mine (note that

Prouty was the real life character upon whom Oliver Stone's

fictive 'Man X' in the movie 'JFK' was based)).  It's because

LAWCAP went so deeply against the grain of Founding Father

principles as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and

Constitution that our Medal of Freedom winner pronounced the

USA we have known to be "bankrupt and extinct" in his book

'Grunch of Giants'.[1]  Every 6th grader should by now know

this basic fact about the historical literature, part of our

heritage as Americans.

LAWCAP is now puppeting NATO -- but is losing its grip on the

USA in the process.  Not everything is going entirely to plan

in this attempt to make Russia play the villain in a new "war

on fascism" -- because many on both sides have long memories

and still know how to look beneath the propaganda machine

pretty effectively, to pinpoint the critical command and

control circuits and the true motivations behind them.  A lot

of analysis coming from both the USA and Russia actually

dovetails quite precisely, as Military Orwellianism is no

stranger to either, after this many decades of Cold War MADness

(mutual assured destruction).[2]  Russia and the USA both see a

lot of buggy programming in need of an overhaul. The curriculum

is broken.  USAers are way too dumbed down for their own good,

thanks to all the boob tube brainwashing which has largely

taken away their freedom to think coherently.

So whereas LAWCAP TV is showing us NATO's hollow victories in

the Balkans, the Fuller School is persisting with an alter-

native version of historical events:  NATO is losing this war,

but the USA and Russians are coming out on top, Germany too

(many Anglos mediating). The corporate sector sees the writing

on the wall and knows that a profitable future based primarily

on civilian high tech (military applications entirely

secondary) is very much within reach.  Military Orwellianism

runs counter to the USAs most secure pathway into the future by

this time.  Investment bankers are not so completely out to

lunch as those DCers manning the White House these days.  Many

Swiss know the score.

A lot of Pentagoners are just starting to realize that this is

the emerging private sector wisdom (others have long been in

the loop).  This scares them somewhat, as suddenly this is not

the war they were most prepared to fight in war college.  That's

because LAWCAP's curriculum is very weak in science (as evidenced

by its so-called Dismal Science of Economics) and contains many

blind spots. War colleges of the future address this deficiency,

and will be grateful in retrospect for the USA's dedication to

upholding high educational standards for its military brass.[3]

I've continued to communicate with our friend from China,

sending him by email

at his request (to circumvent the firewall keeping him from

checking my website directly).  Many in China are already quite

familiar with the Fuller Syllabus and will find my brand of

General Systems Theory (GST) quite helpful in keeping them up

to date re what's what re survival issues of the day.

Note also that Robert Anton Wilson links to my website's from a number of his

entries in his new book 'Everything is Under Control' (a

dictionary of conspiracies, real and imagined).[4] I've

mentioned this before on Quaker-P.  This accounts for a lot of

the emails I get from a younger set which tracks RAW's stuff

rather avidly.  They want to know why all the interesting math

I'm teaching via my Oregon Curriculum Network website isn't

percolating through their own high school math classes very

quickly.[5]  Why is the osmosis process so slow?  As I point

them to other web pages and cyberspace resources, they begin to

get a clue, plus realize LAWCAP hasn't a hope in hell of

winning its fascist-style propaganda war against the American

people at this point.  The USA has all the crucial cards in

hand by now and is destined to triumph, big time.

God bless America.





[4] Check for more information (for

    Prouty's and Fuller's books too).