Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:59:30 -0800
To: "synergetics-l" <>
From: Kirby Urner <>
Subject: [synergetics-l] more re Videogrammatron project

                 The Videogrammatron Project
                        by Kirby Urner
                         Feb 16 1999                  

CONCEPT:  database of multimedia resources, video clips especially, 
with a focus on design science and synergetic geometry in particular.

IMPLEMENTATION:  XML used to keep relevant resources tied together, 
e.g. a video clip is saved as a pointer (URL), along with hyperlinks 
to: passages in 'Synergetics'; website(s) of originating individual, 
team or firm; hyperlinks to other on-line readings, such as reviews 
or commentary re the resource in question.

PRODUCING SHOWS:  a show is a sequence of archived clips strung 
together along thematic lines -- CTW's 'Sesame Street' a paradigm, in 
that clips are organized per episode around themes like 'the letter B' 
or 'the number 10'.  The videogrammatron keeps track of what segments 
were used in which shows i.e. answers queries of the form:  list all 
shows in which video clip X appears.  Various interfaces facilitate 
the production process.

SOURCES: clips may be stored and retrieved over the internet by any 
with access (UNIX-style permissions moderate access to the file trees).  
Firms have the ability to update records regarding their own contributions 
to the data base, and to produce their own shows, drawing on a growing 
database of resources.

OUTPUT:  standard TV formats (including HDTV, NTSC/PAL, and DVD formats) 
will be a common form of output.  Some production interfaces will be 
geared towards producing in more text-intensive formats, with video 
clips serving to illustrate key passages (a more academic and/or 
magazine style usage).  Implementations of 'Synergetics' itself would
fall into this category.  These more text-intensive outputs might be 
for web-distribution or for warehousing on local servers at universities (
e.g. for local math center access).  Other kinds of output e.g. overhead 
transparencies, slide shows, only-audio tracks, also producible (stuff
of use to classroom-based teachers/students).

MANAGEMENT:  many firms and agencies may eventually wish to get involved.  
4D Solutions is currently promulgating the concept and performing as 
a management hub.  4D Solutions has access to a local test market and 
high tech sector (Silicon Forest) and is well positioned to provide a 
lot of the relevant technical expertise such an enterprise will require.  
Seeking partners and affiliates.  Check the 4D Solutions website for 
more info:


EXAMPLE SHOW (mock up using faux tags suggestive of the under-
lying videogrammatron infrastructure):

<TITLE>Episode 14: Portland Cable Access</TITLE>
<DURATION>22.05 minutes</DURATION>
      <topic>sphere packing</topic>
      <topic>concentric hierarchy</topic>
      <topic>Earthala project</topic>
      <SEGMENT TITLE>spheres agglommerating from nuclear</SEGMENT TITLE>
      <SEGMENT TITLE>spheres doing jitterbug, viral dissolves</SEGMENT TITLE>
      <SEGMENT TITLE>Interview: Jay Baldwin at Earthala site</SEGMENT TITLE>
      <SEGMENT TITLE>concentric hierarchy amidst spheres</SEGMENT TITLE>
      <SEGMENT TITLE>hypertoon: dance of the spheres</SEGMENT TITLE>
   <INITIAL>Feb 13 2000 11:00 AM PST</INITIAL>
   <OTHER>file://pdx4d/oracle5/shows/gettimes="Episode 14"</OTHER>