Solar fusion energy is the principal driver of Earth-based energy cycling, be this hydropower, biomass, or hydrocarbon-based (the moon also plays a role, in the gravitational fluctations behind harnessable tidal ebbs and flows). The general picture is of Earth as 'energy-consuming appliance' plugged into its 'stellar wall socket'.

What happens to energy once it arrives within the Earthian biosphere depends on a combination of naturally occurring and humanly defined energy-channeling circuits. Human designs inserted into the ecosystemic ones, like water wheels along rivers, or sailing boats on the ocean, use solar energy and its derivatives to propel various technologies thereby providing life support.

Life support includes both physical components (calorie sources, props, equipment) and metaphysical components (multimedia). An individual, modeled as a center or studio for channeling energy and informational inputs into a different assortment of outputs, uses powers of judgment and intuition, in addition to whatever data is available, to plot a way ahead. This future-looking behavior may involve the use of currencies or credits of various kinds, with an eye towards charging up potential plans or storyboards, in collaboration with others, to a point where these plans 'go critical' and enter implementation phase, leading towards various results, foreseen and unforeseen, and new material in inventory.

Distance education circuits link curriculum materials to inventory access. Students gaining the requisite training via the global net earn credit towards being able to access equipment and other props commensurate with their competence, for use in either solo or supervised situations.

Investments in NGO-style programming in the field, and in training programs designed to bring competent personnel into voluntary associations around such public service programming, combined with private sector prototyping requirements, in advance of commercial marketing, creates life supportive scenarios attractive to star World Game players. Their positive and negative experiences in the field provide feedback guiding their own energy-channeling decisions.

Some of the credits supplied by distance education circuits will be earmarked for pass-through towards NGO-style programming, with curriculum, field work, and supportive investing all comprising integrative facets of the student's educational experience. Intelligent energy-channeling is what sustains people willing to collaboratively invest their time/energy in dramatic productions.

Energy from the Sun flows 'down hill' to a state where it has been exhausted of all potential to do more useful work. Currency flows likewise need to terminate in some contexts, while other points are designed to originate these flows. Videogame-style interactions with both dispensers and receivers of various types of credit or currency, within the context of rule-based programming, will extend the experience of many present day investors while bringing many additional players into positions of increasing responsibility within the energy-channeling sphere.



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