Curriculum Concepts
from the
Fuller School

by Kirby Urner
Sunday, November 03, 1996

4D Computer Graphics

  • Primitive topologies: non-Euclidean definitions of points, lines, planes as non-zero, parameterized entities, with light affecting properties in ray traced views.

  • Concentric hierarchy: a reference frame relating primitive polyhedra in terms of relative size, orientation, transformations (morph relations). Computer design tools using polyhedral primitives.

  • Sphere packing: concentric packings, nucleated and non-nucleated. The octet-truss (space frame) as a standard reference lattice in crystallography.

  • Hypertoons: networks of synergetics scenarios interlinking key frames, providing for continuous animations or user-explorable systems

Design Science

Atlantis®, a geometry package from 4D Solutions®, provides tools for designing a floating ocean environment, both above and below the water line. The interface swiftly updates with ray-traced renderings of your emerging island community, complete with domes, spheres, towers, tensegrities, octet-truss superstructures, and a large selection of ‘drag and drop’ inventory components. Optional packages provide links from components to detailed specifications tables, plus utility add-ons for doing detailed wiring, plumbing and ventilation systems. Start from scratch or download existing versions via the internet. Atlantis® technology is used to design models and computer animations for the TV series, and to prototype real world versions. Not bad for vaporware. Stay tuned.

General Systems Theory

Explore simulated global systems using components from inventory: campus communities, industrial plants, transportation systems. Embed these components within a sun-driven ecosystem in search of sustainable scenarios. Graphical plots of population and health parameters over time give you feedback as to how well your simulation is taking care of both humans and their environment.


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